Ben Cummins
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Age: 37
Birthplace: Cairns, QLD
Lives: Rhodes, NSW
Occupation: NRL referee, Primary School Teacher
NRL matches officiated: 147 central referee

Family background
Married to Jane for 14 years. Four children - Isani (11), Bethany (10), Caitlin (8), Patrick (6). Lived in Canberra for 24 years before relocating to Sydney in 2003 to pursue a refereeing career.

Motivation for doing the ride
This year's Ride for Rural Kids charity ride will be a challenging event but I'm very motivated to contribute in any way possible towards raising funds to support the great work done by Ronald McDonald House® Charities. It's my way of showing my support for sectors of the community that need assistance.

My nephew, Oscar Lucas, from Adelong in NSW has just recently recovered from Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Oscar was treated at Randwick Children's Hospital and was greatly assisted by Ronald McDonald House over a period of twelve months. His family was very appreciative of the support provided there and the place was like a 'home away from home' for them. I visited Ronald McDonald House many times over that period and saw first hand how Ronald McDonald House was helping to make the treatment of children and families from rural areas that little bit more manageable.

I'm also riding with a great bunch of blokes - which is another good reason to be part of this ride.

Involvement with other charities
Lay missionary with PALMS, a cross-cultural organisation, in Madang, Papua New Guinea 1999-2000. Still a donor to PALMS Australia.

Bernard Sutton -
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Age: 31
Birthplace: Coonabarabran, NSW
Lives: Seven Hills, NSW
Occupation: NRL Video Referee/Town Planner
NRL matches officiated: 37 central referee, 24 video referee

Family background
Born and raised in Coonabarabran before moving to Sydney in 2002 to pursue a refereeing career. Married to Amy and father to one year old, Eva.

2002-2007 Town Planner with Canterbury City Council and part-time referee.
2007-2010 Full-time NRL referee and part-time as a Town Planner.
2011 - current Town planner and part-time NRL video referee

Motivation for doing the ride
Having been part of the 2009 Ride for Rural Kids, I was thrilled to see that we made a real contribution and difference to kids who needed a helping hand. I understand the difficulties and limited opportunities of growing up in a rural area and I really value this opportunity to help an organisation that many families in rural communities have a genuine need for. This is a great opportunity to give something back to a fantastic charity that does so much for so many.

Involvement with other charities
Instigated the partnership between NRL referees and Bravehearts. Participates in charity functions, promotional activities and personally delivers the Bravehearts message to children.

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Age: 26
Birthplace: Coonabarabran, NSW
Lives: Prospect, NSW
Occupation: Marketing Brand Manager - Crop Protection, Ruralco
Toyota Cup matches officiated: 21 central referee

Family background
Grew up in Coonabarabran and relocated to Sydney in 2005 for employment reasons and the opportunity to pursue a refereeing career. Recently married to long-time partner, Stacey.

Motivation for doing the ride
I took part in the inaugural Ride For Rural Kids charity bike ride in 2009 and when I saw first hand how that event made a difference to kids in the bush who were doing it tough, I knew we had to take part in this year's ride. Having grown up in the bush we know how difficult it can be for families when they have to travel long distances for medical treatment. Being able to take part in an event that supports such a great organisation is very important and motivating to all of us who are involved.

Involvement in other charities
Has worked with organisations such as the Starlight Foundation and Down Syndrome NSW. Chris has greatly appreciated the support of companies such as Toyota and Ruralco for this event.

Gerard Sutton
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Age: 30
Birthplace: Coonabarabran, NSW
Lives: Campbelltown, NSW
Occupation: NRL referee
NRL Matches officiated: 64 central referee, 55 touch judge

Family background
Born and raised in Coonabarabran.
1997-1999 Completed a journalism cadetship in Narrabri/Wee Waa, NSW.
2000 Moved to Sydney to pursue a refereeing career.
1999-2009 Worked as a journalist with Fairfax newspapers

Married to Julie and has two step-children - Alex (7), Jessika (5). Gerard and Julie are expecting their first child in November.

Motivation for doing the ride
I took part in the Ride for Rural Kids event in 2009 which aimed to provide assistance to a generation of children who'd endured one of the worst droughts in living memory. Incredibly, many of those kids then faced the catastrophic floods that hit large areas of Queensland earlier this year. We'd like our mates in remote and regional areas of Australia to know that while the news cycle may have moved on, we haven't forgotten that there are still plenty of people in rural communities needing assistance. Being able to raise funds to support Ronald McDonald House® Charities, who provide a great resource, often for rural families, is something that I'm very proud to be involved with..

Involvement in other charities
Organised a benefit dinner for Starlight Foundation in 2007. Sponsors a child through World Vision.